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Training Materials 

Current Country Reports and Legal Memos

Applying for asylum is a complex process, with potentially dire consequences.  Even lawyers with years of practice experience may struggle to apply complex facts to even more complex law.  Draconian procedures and regulations can make this even more difficult.  A well prepared asylum claim is very important.  In most countries, asylum seekers represented by lawyers fare far better than those who are unrepresented.  A well-prepared asylum claim is  therefore essential.  In the US, an asylum seeker who is not in removal proceedings files an application with US Citizenship and Immigration Services.  They will then be invited to an interview with an asylum officer.  At this stage, a good asylum application should contain at least an I-589 application and supporting documents, including an affidavit by the applicant detailing the facts of their story that meet the legal definition. 


Essentially, they need to establish that they have a well-founded fear of persecution on account of race, religion, nationality, political opinion or membership in a particular social group.  They will also want to supply documentation from reputable scholars, experts, human rights organizations or diplomatic sources demonstrating what conditions are like in their home country for people like them.  If the asylum office does not grant asylum, the case will be referred to an immigration judge.  At this stage, the applicant is defending against their removal, with a government attorney cross examining them, assessing their credibility and requiring them to defend their claims. On this page, you will find some sample documents.  

Sample Affirmative Asylum Legal Memos 



Current Country Conditions in Afghanistan 

Persecution of Women Under Taliban Rule

Persecution of Hazara 

Persecution of Non-Muslims/Apostates 


Persecution of Women's Rights Advocates 

Persecution of Women Who Divorced/Never Officially Married


Persecution of Single Women  

Persecution of Women in Public Facing Jobs in Afghanistan 

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