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Persecution of Women Under the Taliban Rule 

Afghan Women Fear the Taliban Will Bring Back Harsh Restrictions

The Business Insider article "Afghan Women Fear the Taliban Will Bring Back Harsh Restrictions" can be used to support the factual claims and legal arguments made by the applicant. The following are relevant excerpts, as well as the link to the entire article. 



"It is not yet clear what rules the Taliban may put in place for women. But here are some of the rules they strictly enforced the last time they were in power, a 2001 report from the US State Department said: 

Women had to wear coverings from head to toe.

Women were not allowed to work, except in very limited circumstances.

Women were barred from attending schools.

Women's healthcare was restricted.

Women were not allowed to leave their homes unless they were accompanied by male relatives.

Women could only use special buses and were only allowed to take taxis when with male relatives.

Women could not be on the street with men who were not related to them.

The windows of houses had to be painted over to stop outsiders from seeing women in their homes.

If they broke these rules, women were punished by methods such as beatings and death by stoning." Page 1-2

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