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At Refugee Projects, we believe in thinking about refugees as human beings, just like us, caught in circumstances beyond their control.  When donors and the media forget about refugees and move on to the next crisis, we will still be there, addressing changing needs as they arise.  We will still be there, working to address the long term consequences that flow to refugees and host countries.  We do not operate in emergency mode, moving from crisis to crisis; we are committed to the people and issues we engage with.


We operate holistically - from thinking about the problems that cause people to flee or be forcibly relocated, through the problems compounded by restrictive immigration regimes and policies, to the longer term challenges faced by those who remained and those who fled.  We do not work with unvetted organizations, because we know how often doing so can lead to unintended consequences and exacerbate harm to the world's most vulnerable populations. Below is a selection of publications on each of these issues, written by Refugee Projects.

Refugees, Advocates, and Regressive Governance 

Gender and Conflict 

Government Harassment of Immigration Activists and Its Negative Impact on Legal Representation

The Human Rights of Refugees and Asylum Seekers

Restrictive Border Regimes and Inflated National Security Concerns as Human Rights Violation



Human Trafficking, Labor Exploitation, Refugee Flows, and Humanitarian Action


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