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We have assisted Afghan clients with resettlement and asylum by forming a legal network of lawyers and immigration advocates, providing legal information and advice, and acting as a consultant on policy recommendations to the United States and other governments. 

We successfully evacuated humanitarian cases, winning grants of asylum and international protection and other immigration relief.  We continue to support these clients and to respond to the growing humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan with targeted assistance, and legal and policy advice to state actors and humanitarian organizations.

To learn more about the urgent issues driving this project, see published contributions by CEO and Founder of Refugee Projects

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Blue Skies and Yellow Fields


Evacuation and Resettlement Information and Support


Refugee Projects is providing up to date information to refugees in need, on what they need at this particular moment.  In the first days of the crisis, we provided updated information to people in Ukraine about current border crossing options, legal advice about new and updated entry requirements in border countries.  By triaging needs and staying abreast of current laws and policies, we quickly adapted to providing transit and host country legal advice or immediate assistance, and have moved into providing longer term immigration advice on options for movement into the Schengen Zone, Europe, Canada and the United States.  We have assisted several elderly and infirm persons find assistance in transit and host countries, and aided unaccompanied minors secure safe accommodation and legal advice.

For updated information on our Ukraine response, see blogs on this site.



Direct legal assistance to refugees and asylum seekers is crucial -- it can mean the difference between an 80% likelihood of success versus a  2% success rate in life or death circumstances -- yet it is the most often overlooked and underfunded area of humanitarian assistance. 


We provide legal training to lawyers on the complex laws pertaining to asylum claims and refugee protection and related immigration issues. 


We provide expert advice to governments and international organizations. 


We assess and make recommendations regarding bona fide projects and organizations providing legitimate holistic assistance, and work collaboratively with them.

See videos to view selected trainings, talks and advice provided by us and used by members of Congress and other governments and government actors, international human rights bodies, the EU, and the United Nations on meeting refugee and asylum law obligations.  

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