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Persecution of Women Under Taliban Rule

Who Are the Taliban? 

The New York Times article "Who Are the Taliban?" can be used to support the factual claims and legal arguments made by the applicant. The following are relevant excerpts, as well as the link to the entire article. 



"How did the Taliban rule? In 1996, the Taliban declared an Islamic Emirate, imposing a harsh interpretation of the Quran and enforcing it with brutal public punishments, including floggings, amputations and mass executions. And they strictly curtailed the role of women, keeping them out of schools. They also made clear that rival religious practices would not be tolerated: In early 2001, the Taliban destroyed towering  statues known as the Great Buddhas of Bamiyan, objects of awe around the globe. The Taliban considered them blasphemous, and boasted that their destruction was holy." Page 2


"What does Taliban rule mean for women? The Taliban were founded in an ideology dictating that women should play only the most circumscribed roles in society. The last time they ruled, they barred women and girls from taking most jobs or even going to school. And women caught outside the home with their faces uncovered risked severe punishment. Unmarried women and men seen together also faced punishment." Page 3

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