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Persecution of Women in Public Facing Jobs 

What Will Happen to the Women and Girls of Afghanistan Now?

Vogue article ''What Will Happen to the Women and Girls of Afghanistan Now?" can be used to support the factual claims and legal arguments made by the applicant. The following are relevant excerpts, as well as the link to the entire article. 



"For months, even before the collapse of the Afghan government at the hands of the Taliban, the terrorist group began shuttering schools for all but the youngest girls. The message: “Teenage girls should be at home helping their mothers.” Page 2


"Despite the Taliban’s feeble attempt at public relations, claiming it would respect women’s rights in the Tolo interview with Arghand, another Afghan anchorwoman, Khadija Amin, said on Clubhouse that the Taliban had suspended her and other women employees from their jobs. These are only some of the well-known Afghan women whose lives hang in the balance. There are millions more whose stories may never be heard as the Taliban once again ascend to power." Page 2


"An official guaranteed women’s rights “within the limits of Islam,” but the Taliban have never been about Islamic principles; rather they have always operated by their own set of oppressive and barbaric rules—that seems as true today as it did when the war in Afghanistan began 20 years ago. An anonymous female student in Kabul described the chilling reality for women like her in The Guardian this week. “I should have graduated in November from the American University of Afghanistan and Kabul University, but this morning everything flashed before my eyes,” she wrote. “I worked for so many days and nights to become the person I am today, and this morning when I reached home, the very first thing my sisters and I did was hide our IDs, diplomas, and certificates. It was devastating.”" Page 2

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